$200,000 party for Beyonce’s baby

$200,000 party for Beyonce’s baby

Blue Ivy won’t even remember her $95,000 roses.

Jay-Z and Beyonce spent $200,000 on their daughter’s first birthday party. Most parents will tell you that this is a party that babies will not remember, so really, they spent the money on themselves.

A whopping $95,000 on pink and white roses turns my stomach, since this is more than my husband and I have made in the past two years together—and costs more than a house in our price range. I’m all about being grateful for what we have, but that’s just ridiculous.

So is the $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie they bought the baby. Um, can you say choking hazard?

My BFF and I had a disagreement a while back about the benefits of growing up poor—something we both did. We can provide better for our children than our parents did for us (most of the time), mostly because our parents had three children and we both only have one.

That said, she thinks that she would rather her child grow up in luxury than poverty, having tasted the latter, and I say that my poverty gave me character that luxury never would have. “I don’t want her to go hungry,” I argued, “but she’s not getting the latest gadgets and gizmos until she’s old enough to appreciate them.”

I don’t want my child to go without, but I’m really, really glad that I don’t buy her diamond Barbies.