Channing's Wife's Pants

Channing's Wife's Pants

Pants only MC Hammer could admire


From People: Channing Tatum and his Wife Will be Dancing Off on the Xbox Kinect for   Christmas. 

The Good: Great idea and tons of fun.

The Bad: Tremendous amounts of concern about what the pair will wear. 

Channing Tatum, People’s Sexiest Man alive, has got to get going and give his hot wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, some fashion advice. She’s ok on the beauty front, but if she doesn’t get her style-game on, she’ll probably have some steep competition from all of the rest of the women in the world who would like to be Channing Tatum’s main squeeze.


I can’t be the only one who doesn’t think that this is a good look for Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I really, really can’t. 


Look at these Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s fricking pants. The fashionista, and I do use the term with a hint of sarcasm, is wearing pants that MC Hammer might have worn had he been into sickly peach colors favored by upper middle class women in their 80s. Did she get in a paint war before going out and get splattered in peach  and green paint? 


I don’t know which friend or stylist bought Mrs. Channing the pants, but they add 20 pounds to her petite frame (unless she’s knocked up, which would then make an incredible amount of sense.)


And the peach top is just peachy keen. I love how the perfectly peach top blouses out and isn’t even tucked in right. Mrs. Tatum’s gorgeous and I am highly doubtful that peach is her favorite color. Shouldn’t she get her colors done?



And what was People magazine thinking by publishing this picture? Didn’t they have a better picture of her? She’s going to feel embarrassed and humiliated. Her husband’s in a tacky gray suit and she’s in peach. Does Channing Tatum think he’s in the mob and does Jenna Dewan-Tatum think she’s auditioning for a role in Miami Vice? 


I wouldn’t be so hard on the beautiful couple if Channing Tatum hadn’t just been voted the Sexiest Man Alive. Fashion standards get harder for those with higher incomes. And the saddest thing about the whole debacle is the pair is supposedly going to have a dance-off with the Xbox Kinect 4 Dance Central 3 for Christmas. I happen to like Microsoft and hope that the couple does not wear that ensemble for their video-game dance off on Christmas. 


What do you think Channing and Jenna should wear for their Christmas Kinect dance-off? (Which is incidentally a great idea.),,20654338,00.html