I'm not a Justin Bieber Fan...really

I'm not a Justin Bieber Fan...really

Do you like Justin Bieber? Don't hide out in his trash can.

I’m not a Justin Bieber fan. Really, I’m not. He’s a little too young. But I did like this video of Justin Bieber and his dancers singing his hit “Boyfriend” to seemingly trampy girls in short shorts. 

I hate to say it, but doesn’t he seem kind of like a mockumentary of himself in the video? Isn't he kind of copying Ben Stiller's imaginary dance interpretation (interpretive dance) of Justin Bieber if there was one? Are the teenagers really like this these days? Seriously, I think I saw him grab his crotch a few times and his hip hop dance moves aren’t fooling anyone. I don’t think that it’s just the bad sound on my Apple speakers that is making him sound bad--he’s just not that good.


And I can read the replies already--don’t be a hater. The young girls will all tell me not to pick on Justin. But I know that those girls are just worried that I’ll steal him because I’m a supposed cougar that has nothing better to do than make fun of Justin Bieber in order to entice him. Which is half true, but it’s only because I like to make fun of his hair. (Actually, it’s not true at all. I like my life and don’t want to fight Justin Bieber’s bajillion Twitter fans.)

Of course, when I talk about Justin Bieber, I’m just jealous of his status as a super-cool super-hot Christian pop star with hair that isn’t quite as good as everyone says it is. It’s just gel and maybe even aerosol hairspray which is super bad for the environment. Or so I’m told. 


But anyway, I digress. Justin Bieber actually did help out Beyonce with a charity gig for Humanitarian Day. I’m not sure exactly which humans Justin Bieber specifically helped by lending his voice and dance moves, but I’m not about to underestimate him just because he’s a pop star and not yet of legal age, even in Canada. 


But I do have to admit that “Boyfriend” is kind of catchy as far as the teeny-bopper songs go. Don’t you think? Watch the video and promise, promise, promise me that you’ll listen on better speakers so you can tell me if you think it is a good song or not. And when I mean you, I mean all of you people who actually like Justin Bieber like my friend Sarah. 


Also, for his real fans. Please don't hide out in Justin Bieber's trash can. I'm sure you know it because the news is four days old already, but he doesn't like that at all.