Kris Humphries' Proposal to Kim K. was staged for better filming? So What!

Kris Humphries' Proposal to Kim K. was staged for better filming? So What!

Tired of being booed at games and exasperated that he's looking like a Midwestern bumpkin on the national TV farce known as "Kourtney and Kim Take New York," Kris Dumphries appears to be encouraging his friends to tell gossip mags that he was told when and where to propose in order to please producers. The friends say Kris wanted to propose in his home state of Minnesota in a public place like the beach, but ended up proposing in Kim's bedroom in Los Angeles.

Oh, Boohoo, Kris. Or, better yet, just boo!!!

Your poor little innocent jock act is wearing thin.

You are 6'9" and 235 pounds. You constantly rant about putting women in their places and being "the Man." You deride Bruce Jenner and Scott Disick for being pansies too whipped by their Kardashian she-devils to stand up for themselves. Yet, you want us to believe your plans were helplessly derailed by big-butt baddy Kim? Please! You cannot have it both ways, Kris. Either you're the cave man in charge or you're not.

It's time for Kris to stop blaming the Kardashians for being one of the most hated men on earth. They didn't ruin you Kris, you ruined you.

Your friends can moan to media that the Kardashians are editing their show to destroy you, but darling, they can't edit personality. Your doofus facial expressions, your obnoxious humor, your impatience, and your sheer lack of relationship skills are all YOU! Even if the scenarios are staged and spliced together, Kid, you are the one responsible for the words coming out of your mouth. Each week, you sound more and more like the husband from hell.

At this point, *I* want a public divorce from you. Stop trying to go to the media and leak stories about Kim.  People love her more than the Pope. She won, you loss. Live with it.