The Olympics Closing Ceremony: Meh

The Olympics Closing Ceremony: Meh

Was Canada's closing ceremony better?

Did you watch the Olympics this year? And, most importantly, what did you think about the opening and closing ceremonies of the XXX Olympiad? Were the opening and closing ceremonies as good as they were in Beijing? Were the ceremonies even as close as they were to being in Beijing?

I know that the Olympics is supposed to be an international event, but does anyone really think that England can compete with either China or the United States in terms of the flair and style?


The Olympics should alternate between China and the United States, with a grand prize being given for the opening and closing ceremonies. England had Russell Brand Willie Wonka and Sir Elton John (who is supposedly fuming at Madonna.)

But I don’t think that England could really compete very well with either China or the United States in terms of the sheer awesomeness of the Beijing Olympic ceremonies or even the halftime show of the Superbowls in the United States. And yes, I understand that the Brits are proud of the show; according to Michael Billington, a columnist at the Guardian, described the show’s creators as having done: 


“a tremendous job in lending what might have been orthodox Olympic rituals a blast of theatrical vitality.” 


The Hollywood Reporter also loved the closing ceremony of the XXX Olympiad and called the closing ceremony a “Brit pop orgy” because of the wide array of British pop acts featured in the show with musical talents and songs ranging from The Who to the Spice Girls represented in the ceremonies. 


So why was I disappointed? What was wrong with the ceremony? Was it any worse than Canada’s? 


While I wasn’t cringing in embarrassment for London for their closing or opening ceremonies, I expected more than a Broadway musical with pop divas. I wanted more lights; I wanted beautiful stadiums, I wanted to oooh and awww.


Instead, I bopped my head in tune to the music a bit, and noted my favorite performers. I was embarrassed to discover that I was, in fact, a fan of the Spice Girls, and more impressed by Russell Brand than I thought I would be. 

But overall, I was left disappointed. What did you think about the closing ceremonies? Please feel free to politely disagree with me in the comments section.