Was Jeff Bridges Channeling Tyra Banks During the Oscars?

Was Jeff Bridges Channeling Tyra Banks During the Oscars?

Watch the Clips and Tell Me What You Think


I went to my friend’s house to watch the Oscars.  My first thought was to write a highly original post using her mom’s comments—she has Alzheimer’s, but was entirely focused for the entire million-hour show. Once I suggested the idea, she stopped being funny. I don’t think it was on purpose; she just couldn’t handle the intense pressure of giving me material for my Academy Award blog post.


After about an hour, I almost fell asleep; that’s how excited I was about the Oscars. The pizza came and that perked me up for two minutes. I started pounding diet coke so I’d be awake on the ride home.


When Jeff Bridges (who incidentally lost his ugly-assed Oscar) finally came out to give the Best Actress Award—which was a relief after watching a million other awards I truthfully didn’t care about—I noticed how Jeff Bridge's little speeches to actresses were strikingly similar to the little Tyra Banks speeches at the end of each and every episode of “America’s Next Top Model.”  Of course, since Jeff Bridges was presenting an Oscar on the Academy Awards, his words were much kinder than the sometimes scathing remarks of Tyra Banks. Watch both video clips and tell me if you don’t see at least some similarities between the two. (It’s not necessary to watch all of the Oscar’s clip; a minute or so should give you the basic idea.)



 Here's Jeff Bridges talking to the Best Actress nominees.





Here's a Tyra Banks spoof of her talking to America's Top Model candidates. Notice any similarities?