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Can Tom Cruise have on-screen chemistry with Beyonce in Eastwood movie?

Mission Impossible star could sign onto "A Star is Born."

Many people have been rumored as the prospective lead to co-star with Beyonce in the remake of the classic and much-revamped film "A Star is Born."  Prospective leading men have included Will Smith and Russell Crowe.

Never,  however, has one speculated leading man seemed so ill-cast as Mr. Tom Cruise.

Friday Variety and Deadline revealed that they have inside sources saying Tom Cruise is close to landing  the role in the film to be helmed by Clint Eastwood. These two industry mags are generally quite plugged into cinematic happenings, so their reports could prove reliable.

That makes me nauseous. Both Smith and Crowe would have been preferable to Cruise. I cannot see him connecting with Beyonce. Pardon me, but her version of womanhood is incredibly aggressive and dominant.  Cruise seems a little too  aw-shucks and delicate to be her on-scream flame. He's not wrestled with tigers as Crowe did in "Gladiator" and he hasn't sparred in a ring like Smith did for "Ali."

I love Tom Cruise; he's an amazing as an actor and could surely portray the role of a brooding, falling movie star. However, I just don't see him having chemistry with Beyonce. Furthermore, his acting style is intense and over-the-top; it would overwhelm and clash with the presence of Beyonce, who despite her high-octane music performances, is generic and forgettable as an onscreen. (for proof see "Obsessed" and "Dreamgirls.").


If this rumor turns out to be true, the only good thing that can come of this is that under Eastwood's deft directing and tutelage, Cruise may finally get his long deserved Oscar (and maybe, just maybe Beyonce can even learn how to act.)